Chinese Village

I first visited this place back in 2012, When I came to Dubai for the first time after my wedding. I instantly fell in love with the food here, Chinese cuisine has always been my favorites. If you are looking for some quality chinese food in Dubai, then definitely this is the place you must visit.

For starters, We had

  • Crispy chicken with spinach (AED. 40)
  • Beef Chilly Dry (AED. 42)
Crispy chicken with spinach
Beef Chilli Dry

This one’s their star item, and we always end up ordering this coz we so love the crackling spinach that is served along. Cook on chicken is perfect.. There’s a slight sweet and spicy taste, chicken is succulent. Overall I would give it an 7/10

Although not a beef eater, this dish was tried by my friends and they immensely enjoyed it, According to them the caramelized onions added a zing to the dish and also the meat was cooked to perfection.

When It comes to main course, I cannot think of anything other than Tengda chicken and chicken fried rice !! My all time favorite combo.

Tengda chicken is a must have here, The sauce is explosive (WOW) with those little pieces of chicken dunked in the gravy. A terrific accompaniment with fried rice.

chicken fried rice
Tengda chicken

Fried rice, is anyways a classic !! Just cannot get over it. It always leaves me wanting for more.

The best part of this restaurant is the quantity !! Boss be careful when you order,  Coz their quantity is massive !! One dish can be comfortably eaten by 3 people (Well, that’s if you are not gluttonous :P)

Ambience (outdoor)- 10/10, Inside (7/10)
Food- 9/10
Value for money- 8/10
Service- 7.5/10
Location- 9/10
Hygiene: 9/10
Overall- 8.5/10

Address – Trident Marinascape, Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai Marina, Dubai


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