Calamari – Bath And Binge

Calamari, A beautiful beach-side seafood restaurant situated in Candolim, Northern part of Goa, India. I have always been an ardent lover of seafood, and this restaurant truly WOW’ed me 😛

Had heard quite a bit of reviews on this place before I visited, In Zomato (Well, that’s my bible) 😀 So I was enthralled in going there. The place didn’t disappoint me, as we immensely enjoyed the food, beer and the beach !!


1)  Seafood Salad (INR 450) – A medley of mixed seafood (Calamari, Prawn, Red snapper, Clam, Oysters and mussels), along with rocket lettuce, olives and cherry tomatoes. This one was really fresh, as we could taste the freshness in the salad as we devoured it, The seafood was cooked just right, Not rubbery calamari or overcooked fish. The olives added in to the flavor. The dressing was kept quite light and simple which was the beauty of the dish. I cannot imagine my salad with loads of mayonnaise and heavy dressing, so for me this was just amazing. Quantity was pretty decent to be shared by 3 people, That’s if you are not a voracious eater. 😛

cal3 Seafood Salad

2) Pork Chops (INR 500) – This was by far the best pork chops I ever had. Yes, am an acute pork lover. I can go on eating pork like no tomorrow 😛 . The meat was so delicate and tenderly cooked, You could just spoon it off !! And was a melt in mouth experience. The sauce coating the pork was quite flavorful, slightly sweet, but it worked for me. Maybe if it was a little spicy it would add an extra wow factor to the dish. Nevertheless, a fabulous dish, mainly because of the cook on the pork.  The charred veggies served along were equally delicious, bell peppers and broccoli were crunchy and the zucchini was awesome. Quite a filling dish to be shared by 2 people.  Value for money.

Pork Chops

3) Crispy Calamari (INR 450) – As the name suggests, Crispy and crunchy appetizer !! Those calamaris were delicately cooked with that crunchy coating outside. And the best part of this dish, It wasn’t oil. Normally the fried dishes, tend to make you feel you are eating a mouthful of oil with every bite. But this was a class apart 🙂 If something I would change about this is that sauce that was served along, Way to sweet and it kinda spoils the beauty of the overall  dish. Otherwise, quite an awesome starter to be relished with beer 🙂

Crispy Calamari

4) Chicken Cafreal (INR 350) – An Authentic goan dish, almost served in every restaurant in Goa. The beauty of this dish is its traditional goan green masala. This is my most favorite and I end up ordering it every time I visit Goa. As usual, loved the flavors, Chicken was a little thready, but as more of the masala lover I can compromise on that, however it would be great if they would keep the chicken moist. This was little on the satisfactory side comparing to the other dishes we ordered here. However a pleasant dining experience.

Chicken Cafreal

Quantity served is really great, and you won’t be sorry for paying 🙂 The seafood soup (INR 150) that we had was also amazing, however I forgot to take the picture of it 😛 The broth was delicious with bits of mixed seafood in it. Not very heavy or creamy, The texture was just right.

Ambience –  8/10
Food- 8/10
Value for money- 8/10
Service- 7/10
Location- 9/10
Hygiene: 8/10
Overall- 8.5/10

Address, Dando Beach, Opposite Santana Beach Resort, Candolim, Goa, India


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Damodar says:

    Soon i might visit looks interesting n nice place to hang our


    1. shwetamith says:

      Yes, Its really a beautiful place to visit 🙂


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