Humming Bird Bakery

The cute and pretty bakery situated in Dubai mall, always catches my eyes whenever I visit. I so love the interiors of the place and the friendly staff. Well, I do not have the photos of the interiors right now, Maybe next time I will click some and post. But, I do have the pictures of their delicious cakes 😀


If someone asks me where do you get the most beautiful and delicious cakes in Dubai ? One of my choices would be this place, The red velvet cake is to die for.. Those delicate layers of sponge incorporated with a generous portion of filling is like an explosion in your mouth. I can say made to extreme perfection.  So much of awesomeness for a price of only AED. 20 ?? Well, Keeps you thinking, Isn’t it. 🙂 One slice of this beauty can be shared comfortably by 2 people, or can I say 3 😀 Coz my dear, those slices are massive !!


We also went on to try their rainbow cake. Just too very pretty to eat !! Lovely colourful layers and flavorsome frosting. Well I found it a little on the sweeter side than the red velvet. But overall it was ok !! If you are a chocolate lover then go ahead and have their chocolate cake.. It was like a block of awesomeness, the perfect balance of sweet and bitter taste.. I loved it, am not really a chocolate person, but this was just right. My friend and I really enjoyed sitting in that pretty shop and devouring the goodies.

We were too full to try their pretty cupcakes, Maybe next time when I visit, I can have some 😀

So I am now waiting for someone’s birthday to come up, so I can find a reason to order some goodies from here 😀

Ambience –  7/10
Food- 7/10
Value for money- 8/10
Service- 7.5/10
Location- 9/10
Hygiene: 9/10
Overall- 8.5/10

Address, The Dubai Mall LG 106, Lower Ground


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