Irish Village

Irish Village, A laid back and beautiful Irish style pub, Which serves the best beer of all kinds. Am totally in love with the traditional kinda interiors of this place and the lovely music played here. The outdoor ambiance is awesome, with live music being played. (Well, the live music was great when we visited ;))

But hello hang on, Am not a beer person.. Am a glutton 😀 So my review will only be on the food, Ain’t it 😀

I enjoy the village salad (AED. 62, Additional of AED. 8 with the pork bacon) here, which is in my words “orgasmic” those fresh and crispy vegetables dressed in exotic dressing and topped with bits of pork bacon and finished with a crown of Parmesan cheese.. That’s my definition of the best salad that is served here..Truly enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind having it everyday :* I was initially introduced to this dish by my bro in law, Now I guess I really need to thank him  😉

Village Salad
Village Salad

Next on line are those golden beauties, crispy battered calamari with lemon aioli..The crunch was perfect and the calamari was cooked just right.  Normally the squids tend to be rubbery, but this one was great !! Such a steal for AED. 45

Battered calamari with lemon aioli

We also enjoyed the barbeque chicken wings. (AED. 40) . Again an awesome starter, the sauce coating the chicken was explosive (I mean fabulous) and cook on the chicken, 10 on 10 for me, Moist and succulent wings.  As we were pretty full, We couldn’t go for the main course, But they serve the best pastas, I just don’t have the picture  😛 But I feasted on it last time !! Also, Parmesan chicken breast (AED. 60) is worth a try here. Overall, Classy presentation of food and orgasmic taste, That’s Irish village for you baby !!

Barbeque chicken wings

Quantity is pretty decent and the price is value for money. A perfect place to spend a lazy evening with a mug of draught beer (Hoegaarden babyyyy :D)

Ambience (outdoor)- 10/10, Inside (7/10)
Food- 8/10
Value for money- 7/10
Service- 7/10
Location- 9/10
Hygiene: 9/10
Overall- 8/10

Address – Next to Dubai Tennis Stadium,Garhoud, Dubai


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