Fisherman’s Cove

Based in the serene vicinity of Candolim, This gorgeous restaurant is famous for its seafood and other authentic goan delicacies. I have been visiting this restaurant since I was about 15yrs of age. Nothing has changed over the years and they have maintained the taste and quality 🙂 This happens to be the very favorite of my parents too. I like their rustic interiors, its kept simple with cane chairs and tiled designer table tops. Now lets get back to food 😉 God am such a glutton 😛

1)  Chorizo Chilli Fry (INR 250) – This is a stir fry using the traditional goan sausages (chorizo). This happens to be my favorite, I always make it a point to carry chorizo on my way back from Goa.  The preparation was perfect, great balance of spices, Just that the dish itself tends to be oily as its cooked in its own fat. But nevertheless, A great appetizer with beer. I love the strong punch of vinegar in this, and even the caramelized onions which adds more flavor. Those bite sized pieces of pork along with fat is orgasmic ! This dish is slightly pungent, as its cured with vinegar. So I recommend you to try only at your risk 😉 Because not all will relish this. Best one to be had with goan pao (bread). Quantity is pretty OK for 2 normal eaters.

Chorizo Chilli Fry

2) Goan Pork Chops (INR  450) – When in this place, Do not forget to try their pork chops, This one’s a local preparation. Those chops coated in tantalizing goan masala are to die for. The cook on the meat was perfect. Every bite along with the pork and the fat was like an explosion in mouth, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.  If one thing I could change about this dish is the level of spice, As it was a little too much for me, Since am not a spicy food eater. Otherwise, it was perfect, the masala was delicious, the plating was good, and the quantity was really worth the amount. Goan masala’s are slightly pungent as they use more of vinegar to the flavoring, But this one’s worth trying.

Goan pork chops
Goan pork chops

3) Red Snapper Masala Fry (INR 1,500) – The restaurant displays an array of fresh catch on request. This one was chefs special. Since red snapper is a very bland fish, The chef recommended us to try it with Goan masala. However, You can even opt for butter garlic if you do not want too much of spice. The fish was cooked beautifully, it was delicately made and flaking off well, The masala seems to have incorporated well with the fish. Quantity wise, It was a massive one for a good number of 4 people. Truly a value for money and quite filling.

Red snapper fry
Red snapper fry

4) King Crab Butter Garlic (INR. 1800) – Again a fresh catch of the day, We opted for crab butter garlic. Although the flavoring was great, what disappointment me the most is the crab meat inside was ice cold, and it was not flaking like the usual crab meat, moreover it did not look cooked. Well, This was a disaster for us, As we were experiencing something like this for the first time here, So when you order crabs here just be a little careful 😀

King Crab Butter Garlic
King Crab Butter Garlic

Overall, A great restaurant to chill out with some fresh draught beer. They have karaoke nights too, Their seafood soup (INR 150) is the star item, Although I do not have the picture. Its worth trying it here. A tantalizing broth with little bits of mixed seafood, it leaves you lingering for more.

Ambience – 8/10
Food- 7/10
Value for money- 7/10
Service- 6/10
Location- 8/10
Hygiene: 6/10
Overall- 7/10

Address – Main Candolim Road, Titos Vaddo, Candolim, Goa, India


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