Shetty’s Lunch Home

When it comes to “Mangalorean” food in Dubai, Shetty’s is one restaurant that I can vouch anytime 🙂

Located in Karama, This little restaurant is known for its authentic coastal delicacies, We are a frequent visitors to this place, as we are ardent lovers of Mangalorean food. This place is like a home away from home 😉 Love the friendly staff and service.

Now lets get back to food 😀

1) Mutton Sukka (AED 16) – This one’s a must try here, Those delicious chunks of mutton tossed in a dry coconut masala is terrific !! Loved the balance of flavors and the aroma of curry leaves. This dish is mildly spiced, so a perfect one to try out if you are not a spicy food eater. Mutton was cooked well, maybe a little softer would be amazing, But nevertheless fair enough.

Mutton Sukka
Mutton Sukka

2) Marwai Pundi (AED 16) – A heavenly combo of steamed rice dumplings and clams, cooked in a coconut gravy. Always been my personal favorite, and a must try in this restaurant. You will simply fall in love with it, Great quantity, and can be eaten by 3 people comfortably. Really filling and the clams are cooked beautifully. If one thing I would want to change about this dish is, just that the rice dumplings are a little hard. It would be even more fab, if it was a little on softer side. Otherwise, its spot on !!

Marwai Pundi
Marwai Pundi

3) Crab Ghee Roast (AED. 20) – A really spicy and lip-smacking dish, Its one of the recommended items here. The flavor of the ghee, and those perfectly cooked crabs adds a real beauty to it. A perfect combo with Neer Dosa (thin rice crepes) !! Am not really a crab lover, but I just love this here. Whenever you order it, order some neer dosas’s along so that you can relish it more 😀 Quantity is again really good, so can be shared by 3 people.

Crab Ghee Roast
Crab Ghee Roast

4) Kori Rotti (AED. 18) – Thin and crispy rice wafers, served with spicy chicken gravy. This one’s a classic mangalorean delicacy and a star main course here. The chicken gravy is mildly spiced, and goes well with the rice rotti. The flavors are perfect and it reminded me so much of mangalore. I order this dish whenever I visit Shetty’s, Its been 4yrs since am eating this now, and taste still remains to be kickass !! Bravo 😀

Kori Rotti

5) Pomfret Tawa Fry (AED 25) – Another amazing starter in seafood, one more of their recommended items. The fish was cooked delicately and those tiny bits of garlic and fried curry leaves brought in more flavor. The masala was spot and fish was well coated. You can choose from Kingfish, Ladyfish, and many more according to your choice. The seafood served here is fresh !! So do no fret 😉

Pomfret Tawa Fry
Pomfret Tawa Fry

6) Kane (Lady fish) Rawa Fry (AED 25) – Now after so many amazingly delicious goodies, Finally comes the show stopper !! Yeah, Lady fish rawa fry 😀 The yummy fish coated in that crispy semolina is to die for. A deep fried delicacy, served on a sheet of banana leaf brings in that authentic mangalore feel. Again a mildly spiced dish, and the fish is cooked to absolute perfection with a fab crunch !!

Kane Rawa Fry
Kane Rawa Fry

Like how the saying goes, sometimes the best food is served at small restaurants, Shetty’s proves it right !! Reasonable rates and great food, So next time when you miss Mangalore, You know where to go 😉

Ambience – 5/10
Food- 8/10
Value for money- 8/10
Service- 8/10
Location- 6/10
Hygiene: 6/10
Overall- 7/10

Address – Shaikh Hamdan Colony, Near Talal Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai


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